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Hamal Lake: A Lake Under Danger

Situated in Qambar Shahdadkot district in Sindh, Pakistan. Hamal Lake is a beautiful lake of Sindh. The lake is 58 kilometers away from the city and 40 kilometers from Qambar town. The total length of the lake is 25 kilometers and the width of the lake is 10 kilometers. The total surface area of hamal lake is 2965 acres. The lake is a freshwater lake and the main source of water that comes into the lake is through the streams flowing from Kirthar Mountains.









Scenic Views of The Hamal Lake:

The sparkling, crystal-clear water of the lake and the lush green plains around a treat for the eyes and a pleasant dose for the senses. The lake is calm, peaceful, and alluring. The tranquil sight of the lake is mesmerizing. It can also make you awe-struck by its breathtaking beauty. The weather is mostly pleasant here. The mornings and sunsets are a treat to watch. anyone who visits it once will be captured by its beauty for a lifetime.

scenic view of Hamal Lake










Camping Near The Hamal Lake:

Camping under the beautiful sky and also beside this lake is always a dream. This kind of experience is always mesmerizing. At Hamal lake, you can enjoy this experience at its best. You can experience nature at its best here. So, If you are planning to visit this lake then some of the hotels that you can consider are; Shabrani Hotel and Sindh Hotel.

camping around the lake










Environmental Importance of Hamal Lake:

Like Manchar Lake and other lakes in Pakistan, this lake is also home to many birds. Some of these birds are; Siberian migratory birds like geese, ducks, terns, gulls, ibises, herons, cormorants, and shorebirds. It also provides a nursery for various freshwater fishes. However, the discharge of poisonous and saline water from the Hirdin drain has severely affected the hamal lake. Therefore it has become dangerous for many species. So, If you visit the lake, make sure you do not pollute it.

Hamal Lake
Habitat of Migratory Birds

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