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Umbrella Waterfall: Most Beautiful Waterfall

Umbrella waterfall is a new yet mesmerizing place. It has been discovered recently and has captured the heart of travelers from all over the country. This waterfall is amazingly beautiful. It showers the water between mountains. Therefore, it is one of its own kind.  So, witnessing this by yourself would be a lifetime experience for you. 

Way to Umbrella Waterfall:

This majestic waterfall is located In the Sajikot. Sajikot is a small area of Abbottabad, KPK, Pakistan. The waterfall was a hidden gem of KPK. It has recently been discovered and is also one of the emerging tourist destinations of the KPK province.

The majestic umbrella waterfall
Mesmerizing Waterfall At Sajikot – KPK

Located 27 kilometers from Havelian. Umbrella waterfall is on the same road where Sajikot Waterfall is located. So, To reach this waterfall, you need to hike for about 30 to 45 minutes from the Poona Village.

Alluring Site At Umbrella Waterfall
The Newly Discovered Waterfall at Sajikot KPK

The Emergence Waterfall:

The Umbrella Waterfall gained popularity when a vlogger Shams Shaukat made a video on it. He titled the video as the world’s most beautiful waterfall and the video went viral on the Internet. That how this waterfall was introduced. Also, once you are at this waterfall, you can not resist taking a dip under it. But remember one thing do not try to dive where water is deep.

amazing waterfall
Breath Taking View At KPK

The place is so relaxing that it refreshes the tourists. One can easily fall in love with the natural beauty of Umbrella Waterfall. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of the place enlightens the soul and refreshes the mind. The scenic landscape and peaceful atmosphere at the Umbrella waterfall are divine and magical.

If you are planning to visit this waterfall then the following are hotels that you may consider. Hotel One Abbottabad, Tulip Guest Rooms, Ittihad Hotels, and Alaf Laila Guest House. The average cost for a day’s stay at Hotel One Abbottabad is 46 US Dollars. The waterfall is amazingly beautiful so do not miss it and plan your trip soon.


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